U-shaped Scale

The system has a high level accuracy, quick weighing, simple operation, easy carry, stable and reliable working. U-shaped electronic platform scale are divided in carbon steel and stainless steel.

Structural Features:

1. U-shaped platform structure is easy to consign cars, trucks, forkliftsand cargoes;
2. Equipped with handle and  trolley for easy consignment;
3. The both ends of cable have plug, it's easy to be connected;
4. Light weight, easy to maintain;
5. The junction box installs data through drawer type;
6. Digital display weighing data;
7. Weighing status indication;
8. RS232 output interface;

Technical Parameters:

Specification: 1.2m×0.84m×0.08m
Maximum Weight: 0.3t-3t
Sensitivity: 0.5kg, 1kg


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