150t Weighbridge


150t weighbridge is mainly used in mining, food processing, coal crushing industry, brickyard, quarry, grain depot, concrete mixing stations and other industries.


♦ With modular structure and easy installation, can prevent from factitious cheating.
♦ Having functions including weighing, shelling, time, date, print and reports, etc.
♦ Having functions about null position automatic tracking, overload warning.
♦ Equipped with the printer, then can print weighing list, reports, etc.
♦ Making use of the serial interface to connect to computers, large-screen displays, which features ultra-low power consumption.
♦ Entire panel digital calibration, corners autocorrection, fast and convenient fault diagnosis
♦ Rapid and accurate weighing, easy operation and simple maintenance

Technical Parameters:

Panel Thickness: 12mm-14mm
Sensor: domestic digital sensors and imported sensors
Width: 3m-3.2m(can be customized according to demand of customer)
Length: 16m-20m(can be customized according to demand of customer)
Accuracy Level: OIML Ⅲ
Operating Temperature: -10 ℃-40 ℃(weighing display indicator)
Weighing Sensor: -20℃-65℃, ±95%
Relative Humidity: <90%
Power Supply: 180VAC-240VAC, 49Hz-51Hz

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