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Zhengzhou Huaxin Electronic Weighing Apparatus Co.,Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise, concentrating on development, production, marketing and service of electronic weighing apparatus which has been exported to abroad for many years.The company has a group of capable talents specializing in the development and production of electronic weighing apparatus and relys on excellent technology ...

Oct.10 2017

Digital Weighing Indicator for Industrial Floor Scale

Huaxin offer Mettler Toledo floor scale industrial, Locosc 1 ton floor scale, floor scales 1000kg and other industr
Oct.06 2017

How to Choose TCS Electronic Platform Scale?

Huaxin offer tcs platform scale 150kg, 100kg weighing scales, 300kg digital platform scale and other tcs electronic
Sep.29 2017

6mm U Beam 80 Ton Truck Scale

Huaxin offer 80 ton truck scale, 60 ton truck scale, Mettler Toledo truck scale and other electronic truck scale. P
Sep.26 2017

TCS Electronic Platform Scale In Stock

Huaxin tcs electronic platform scales price are much lower than the normal level of scale industry, because of our
Sep.22 2017

Industrial Floor Scale with Digital Weight Indicator

Huaxin offer floor scales 1000 kg, 5 ton floor scale, Sartorius 3 tons floor scale, Mettler Toledo 3 tons floor sca
Sep.19 2017

Automatically Switch off TCS Electronic Platform Scale

TCS electronic platform scale adopts four compact shear beam weighing sensors and junction boxs with high precision
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