6mm U Beam 80 Ton Truck Scale

Zhengzhou Huaxin Electronic Weighing Apparatus Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer on weighing apparatus which has been exported to abroad for many years. The main product is electronic weighing apparatus, including truck scale, weighbridge, weighbridge truck scale, waterproof weighing scale, platform scale, tcs electronic platform scale, floor scale, crane scale, ocs crane scale, digital bluetooth hanging scale, etc.

Specification of 80 ton truck scale:

80 ton truck scale is composed of 4 or 6 U beams and C channel beams, robust and rigid.
U beam thickness is designed with 6mm.
8-14MM checker plate steel plate with keli or zemic sensor.
Pre camber machine to making platform have a high curves in Middle of platform.
Auto welding machine to ensure welding is smooth and good strength.
Shot blasting clean all dirty before painting.

Manufacturing process of 80 ton truck scale:


Huaxin offer 80 ton truck scale, 60 ton truck scale, Mettler Toledo truck scale and other electronic truck scale. Prices of all the electronic truck scales are much lower than the normal level of scale industry, because of our large production output, mass materials purchasing and mould production.

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